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2018-07-20 07:59:27
4 Things to Know About Utah’s Luxury Homes

It’s no secret that people love luxury homes. Utah is known for its beautiful sites, friendly culture, and increasingly, its stunning and exclusive housing market. But what’s so special about luxury homes in Utah? As it turns out, a lot.

When families are looking for new homes for sale in Utah County, Washington County, and other burgeoning Utah areas, more than ever they’re looking for homes that offer the amenities that come with luxury properties. 

Washington Utah homes for sale

1. Hidden Gems

And Utah’s luxury market is ready to deliver.

If you’re shopping for a home in St. George, Utah, or any of Utah’s other growing neighborhoods, here’s why you might to consider going the luxury route.

Luxury St. George and Washington, Utah, homes for sale have one major thing in common: they feature all of the factors that epitomize a luxury property without requiring you to settle on any front. Because Utah’s land is so expansive, it’s easy to find a property that meets all of your family’s needs—and more. That means premiere locations and ultimate exclusivity, plus the privacy, convenience, comfort, and “wow factor” you would expect from a luxury home. Utah is unique in its ability to provide so many properties with these coveted advantages, meaning that almost every single luxury property you’ll find is full of special features that make them stand out.


2. Location, Location, Location

St. George and Washington’s proximity to numerous national parks, state parks, local attractions, and more means that while your luxury property might be tucked away, you’re never far from some of Utah’s most special areas. One of the biggest draws of living in Utah is its scenic beauty and abundance of natural, untouched landscapes. With a luxury home in Utah County or Washington County, you get the best of both worlds: your own little slice of paradise and near-instant access to the other places that make Utah so exceptional.


3. Amazing Amenities

Houses with pools for sale in St. George and Washington are one of the best features of our luxury market. While Utah’s winters aren’t exactly amenable to pool use, the mild climate and nice warm summers the rest of the year make at-home pools a wonderful addition to any luxury home (or you can always opt for an indoor pool for all season access). And really, is there anything more luxurious than having your own pool inside your house or in your picture-perfect backyard?

4. Lavish Townhomes

Looking for a townhouse in Utah? You can still find amazing luxury properties, even if they’re not single family homes. Purchasing a luxury townhome means you own the air above your property and the land the home sits on. You also usually get access to a ton of amazing amenities like fitness centers, pool houses, and stunning landscaping, all without having to life a finger for maintenance. It’s a perfect option for owning a luxury property with less homeowner responsibility.

Ready to find your perfect luxury property in Utah? We’re here to help. We offer free access to MLS listings no matter the agency or broker, so you can be sure to find your perfect property. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey property or to customize the home of your dreams, get in touch with Hammer Team Realty at 435.680.3423.

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