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2018-07-20 07:58:50
Our Homes in St George Utah Are “Luxury”: But What Does That Mean?

If you’ve browsed our website previously, you may have noticed many of our listings for homes in St George Utah are referred to as “luxury”. What is this term supposed to mean? Perhaps, for some, the question is easy to answer, but for many the idea of what luxury is seems entirely subjective. Who decides what homes are qualified as luxury? And how do those individuals attain these verdicts? While it’s often true that “luxury” only exists within the envious eye, there are a few discernible guidelines that a majority of high-end homes share.

Think about some well-known properties that are often associated with the idea of luxury. New York’s ritzy Hamptons, Elvis Presley’s Memphis-based Graceland, or even the mansions dotting Beverly Hills come into mind. Is the amount of square-feet important, or perhaps the actual size of the physical structure determines its “luxury” badge? Well, the short answer to that is yes, but the long answer requires a much more detailed process that examines various real estate aspects. The following characteristics have been compiled from the expertise of real estate agents throughout the nation, and we believe they properly frame our luxurious Washington County home sales with accurate parameters.

  1. Construction Material Quality: Strong, deliberately built homes must be constructed from high-quality materials. Appliances, finishes, and any other additions must be fastened and crafted using only the most trendy, exclusive materials. Marble, Granite, Venetian plaster, and tropical woods are some of the most well-known materials associated with luxury homes.
  2. Location: Ever heard someone tell you that location is everything? Well, they weren’t completely wrong. Often not, homes that are considered luxury offer external benefits, such as beachfront access, additional nearby parking, aesthetic views, or even proximity to national landmarks and parks. Many of our houses for sale in St George Utah are located near state parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Plus, the reddish hills surrounding Washington County offer a unique view, and the spacious land will guarantee optimal privacy.
  3. Price: This parameter can trace its origin from the economic side of real estate. Clients and customers will perceive products with higher prices as being inherently higher in quality as well. Luxury homes are often sold and bought within a specific price range, or perhaps more accurately, above a certain threshold.
  4. Public Perception: When a prospective customer views a home, they are inspecting the quality of the build, the finishes, and the appliances that have been installed. They are consciously deciding if the asking price is worth all the benefits, views, and advantages that a certain home could provide. As the seller, you want them to believe that your product is as “luxurious” as possible; give clients a home that speaks for itself.

Homes in St George Utah


Clients that trust the Hammer Team to find solutions for their home needs will find that all our luxury homes for sale in Utah follow these criteria. Users can find on our site luxury home listings all over the greater Washington County area that have competitive prices, solid materials, and provide unique aesthetics. Let the Hammer Team be your Washington County realtors, contact us today if you’re interested in buying or selling a luxury home!  

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2018-07-20 07:58:50
Our Homes in St George Utah Are “Luxury”: But What Does That Mean?

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